Die Cut Plain Adhesive, Sticky Labels and Stickers

One of our biggest requests is to manufacture plain, unprinted labels. Most of our plain or unprinted labels are sent to customers who overprint them with their own text, images or barcodes using and inhouse printer (thermal transfer, direct thermal, laser and ink jet). Die cut labels have many uses, from medical, food labels, manufacturing, retail and office labels. So many products are labelled! 

We have a wide range of dies or choose to make a custom size that suits your label

We manufacture sticky labels in an array of papers, vinyls, coloured stocks, polypropylenes and synthetics matched with permanent or removable adhesives. Specialty papers such as those that are suitable for refrigeration and freezing environments can be quickly manufactured. Any shape, perforations or creases, registration marks for high speed printers can all be added to your finished label. Plain white, standard stock colours or choose an overprint tint from the Pantone® Colour Chart.

Your finished labels can be supplied on rolls, wound in a direction of your choice, on A4 sheets, or in a fan fold deck.

Flexo graphic or ink printed labels made in our factory - we make stick printed labels

What is a die cut label?

A die cut label means a label which is cut out with the waste around it removed. Think of the labels you can purchase which you can put through your home printer where the whole page is a label with pre-cut shapes. The area which is not part of the labels is called the waste and is removed during manufacturing, making it easier to peel stickers or labels from the backing sheet.

What is a butt cut label?

Butted together! There is no waste or gap around or between the labels. Butt cut labels are generally used when a perfectly square or rectangular (no rounded corners) is required.

Flexo graphic or ink printed labels made in our factory - we make stick printed labels

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