Foil Printing on Sticky Labels

Foil printing can add a touch of style and an air of class to any product or service labelling. Foil print is quite durable and can be used on label stocks including paper, synthetic, vinyls, transparent or clear vinyl label stock. Just ask us! We have a big range of standard labelling materials (including papers, vinyls, synthetic label papers) in our factory – we make sticky labels!  

Foil printing is not just limited to gold and silver! The foils are available in a wide variety of colours from vibrant pinks to blues, reds and more. View some of our sample output below. Click on the image for a large preview.

Black foil print on a variety of coloured labelsBlue foil print on white gloss labelFoil printing isn't just gold and silver! We can print your label in any colour!
Two and three colours of foil printing on white labelsRed foil printing on a variety of coloured labelsWhite foil printing on coloured sticky labels

Foil printing on sticky labels is a large part of our production. Our most popular foil colours are gold foil printing and silver foil printing, however we also have a wide range of matt and metallic colours. Your foil print label can be made to a standard label shape or we can make a custom label shape to suit your needs.

Gorgeous foil printed labels - gold, silver printing, wide range of other metallic and flat foil print colours

Foil printed labels can be found on ~

  • Wine bottles
  • Cosmetics products
  • Fashion labels
  • Address Labels
  • Service Labels

How are foil printed labels made?

Foil Printing of Labels - gold and silver foil print

Our high quality foil labels are produced with care and precision by our highly experienced Daycon Foil Printing team who operate a specially designed printing press capable of high speed foil printing. Foil ribbon is transferred to the label material under heat. A metal plate with your custom design is heated and presses the foil to the label surface. The end result is a beautifully produced foil printed label you’ll be proud to use on your product or service. Beware of some cheaper printing methods that use foil inks – they lack the sheen and presentation of true foil printing.

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