Ink Printed or Flexographic Sticky Labels

Flexo, flexographic or ink printing creates premium presentation to product or service labelling. This type of print offers printing in up to 4 separate colours and can be created on label stocks including paper, synthetic, vinyls, transparent or clear vinyl label stock. Special high gloss finishes and screens can be added to enhance your label artwork. We'd love to help you get your labels made – we make sticky labels!  

Ink or flexo printing on labels is fast, high speed label production! Flexographic printing is now the most widely used process label production and is know for reliability, flexibility and premium label presentation and quality. Changes in recent years to flexo or ink label printing technology and printing presses have ensured that the results achieved are now comparable in quality to other print methods such as offset and screen printing at a fraction of the price!

Flexographic or ink printed labels printed up to 4 colours

Flexographic or ink printed labels can be found on ~

  • Almost any type of commercial labelling for products.
  • Office Labels
  • Medical Labels
  • Address and Despatch Labels
  • Service Labels

How are flexographic or ink printed labels made?

We have a wide range of dies or choose to make a custom size that suits your label

Artwork creation, platemaking, cylinder mounting and printing are the basic steps taken to print a flexographic or ink printed label on a flexographic press.  Combined with the skill of our flexographic print team and our high speed Edale label press,  we're able to produce great tonal values with your label design.

Flexo graphic or ink printed labels made in our factory - we make stick printed labels

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Flexographic is fabulous! Strong, beautiful bold prints, or perfect pastels. Any colour. Any Shape. Any Size. High quality print for your product or service labels.