Daco SI Label Inspection / Slitter Rewinder

The Daco SI label inspection/slitter rewinder offers both flexibility and high performance. Its unique design includes a quick make ready rotary scissor slitting unit with knife separation and lateral adjustment. A touch screen HMI operator interface enables quick and easy job set-ups, control of the various counting facilities, automatic web advance, taper tension control and end of roll features.

Both the unwind and rewind have taper tension control as standard, this ensures the web tension remains constant regardless of changes in roll diameters.

An E & L electronic web guidance system ensures that the finished rolls are perfectly wound, and an inspection table with adjustable splicing table with pneumatic clamps is also fitted as standard, enabling splices to be made both neatly and easily.

Pneumatic air shafts for both unwind and rewind means that changing the rolls could not be simpler, and a web advance system makes it easy to attach the web to the core when starting a new roll.

The Daco SI range of inspection / slitter rewinders in its standard format allows for the efficient slitting, rewinding and counting of labels. The impressive features, quick set-up and ease of use provides the client with a quick return on investment.

Download Daco SI Label Rewinder Brochure

Daco SI Inspection Rewinder Daco SI Inspection Rewinder (787 KB)

Daco SR Label Inspection / Slitter Rewinder

The Daco SR and SI are now supplied with a dual slitting knife configuration as standard. Both machines are now supplied with rotary shear knife (scissor slitting) and the assembly now includes the option to fit razor slitting for films etc. Razor slitting can easily be fitted at a later date if need by the machine user. The Daco ‘SR’ is available in 250 (10″), 330mm (13″) and 410mm (16″) web widths.

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Daco SR Inspection Slitter Rewinder Daco SR Inspection Slitter Rewinder (827 KB)

Daco DT250 Table Top Slitter Rewinder

The Daco DT 250 table top slitter rewinder is a cost effective, high performance, operator friendly, compact and robust label slitting machine. The Daco DT250 compact size and short web path keeps wastage to a minimum, the fully adjustable silicone covered nip drive roller helps to keep down time to a minimum as labels cannot attach themselves to the roller. The DT250 has accurate tension control through the use of a pneumatic unwind brake which is infinitely variable and the rewind is controlled through a pneumatically operated variable rewind clutch.

Quick set rotary slitting with on the run lateral adjustment is fitted as standard, the slitting knives can be set with the web in position unlike some cartridge systems. A splice table makes web splices both simple and quick. Quick change air mandrels for the product rewind ensure that cores a gripped firmly.

The DT250 label slitter incorporates features normally found on larger more expensive inspection / slitting machinery but there is a range of options to increase the flexibility of the slitter rewinder further.

Download Daco DT250 Table Top Slitter Rewinder Brochure

Daco DT250 Slitter Rewinder Daco DT250 Slitter Rewinder (555 KB)

Daco DTR Label Rewinder

The Daco DTR-V platform has been developed as a direct result of the need for a true 100% inspection platform. The machine has been developed with several of the leading 100% inspection camera manufacturers, and close consultation with customers. The machine rewinds in both forward and reverse directions so that re-inspection of the label is possible after a fault is found by the camera system. Once a fault is found the machine comes to a controlled stop and the machine then reverses the fault back to the splice table for correction. The label is then passed back under the camera for reinspection.

Many other systems do not have the ability to re-inspect the defective label, as they do not have the reverse feature. Once the roll is error free the roll can then be slit if needed to the desired width. The DTR-V integral counting facility can count in either labels, feet or metres.

Download Daco DTR Label Rewinder Brochure

Daco DTR Label Rewinder Daco DTR Label Rewinder (692 KB)

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