Foil labels are more than just gold and silver!When people think of foil printed labels, they think of shiny, metallic colours (usually silver and gold), holographic finishes and glamorous product labels. However, foil labels can be printed in more than the standard gold and silver! There are a wide range of matt and metallic colours available from blues, greens, oranges and pinks and more! You can view our list of standard label colours or request a custom colour. With their durable, high impact finish, foil labels are often used for product but foil labels are also great for service labels that won't be overlooked.

Foil labels can be printed on papers, vinyls and other synthetic materials with either removable or durable adhesive to last depending on your request and labeling application or environment. Labels can be made to any custom shape or size but we have thousands of standard label shapes and sizes to suit your labeling needs. If you’re ready to print, you can get a foil label quote from us here. Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding foil label printing you can contact us online now or phone 1800 111 766.