Daycon Distributors are long-time user of Daco Solutions label machinery, so we jumped at the opportunity to update our slitter and rewinder this year with Daco Solutions new SR410. Our new SR410 will be on the ground within the week!

As a trade printer we need reliable equipment with quick and easy setups, I am glad to say that we have found a perfect partner in Daco Solutions. Their products are not only reliable and easy to use but are a very cost effective when compared to some of the better known manufacturers in the industry.

Our business has grown significantly and we have invested in a Daco Combi turret rewinder with rotary die cutting, a Daco SI inspection / slitter rewinder and the latest order for a Daco SR410.

The only way we can absorb some of the costs and increases we have been faced with is to take labour out of the process and the Combi turret certainly did this for us intitially. We always had a backlog in the rewinding from our Edale Alpha and again we turned to Daco for a rewinder after looking around at other manufacturers. Just the simplicity, price and performance of the Daco SI machine in reality made it an easy decision.

So once again we have again turned to Daco for the SR410 rewinder. Our Daco D250 rotary die cutting machine is used for the shorter run die cutting jobs and the rotary dies from our Edale Alpha fit directly into the machine which is a great advantage to Daycon Distributors.