Barcodes and Sticky Barcode Labels

You’ve seen them on almost every product you buy, stuck to office furniture, beer barrels even on a diamond ring. Over the last 30 years the growth of barcode usage has been phenomenal. Barcodes were introduced to eliminate the need for human keying of data and to improve productivity – barcodes are relatively low cost to produce and extremely accurate compared to human data entry on a keyboard.

What are barcodes?

Barcodes are simply a way to represent either numbers or a combination of letters and numbers, which a connected system such as a computer / database will use to associate an item, product or other data.  In short, it’s a code look up that is read by a barcode scanning device that relates the code back to linked information.  A barcode scanner looks at the width of the bars and the spaces in a barcode to read data embedded in the barcode.

Which type of barcode?

There are many different types or “symbology’s” for barcodes. Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, PDF417, UPC/EAN Barcodes to highlight a few popular types. The type of barcode you need will generally depend on what you are using it for and can also be reliant on the type of barcode scanner reading the barcode.

Examples of different barcode formats

UPC  - Worldwide retail
EAN 8 and EAN 13– Retail or Grocery barcodes – numeric fixed length barcode
CODABAR – Industrial, wholesale, libraries – numeric barcode
CODE 39  -  Many industries – alphanumeric barcode
MSI - Used for warehousing

How can we help you with barcodes and barcode labels?

Flexo graphic or ink printed labels made in our factory - we make stick printed labels

We can help with labels printed with variable data barcodes and because we make sticky labels we’re able to supply barcode labels with custom designs and label stocks for many different environments – like freezers, chemicals or simple grocery barcodes. Perhaps your barcode labels need to be in duplicate or on a label that has an irregular shape, printed along with your logo or basic product information – Daycon Distributors can manage all aspects of sticky barcode labels.

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